Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Drugs are one of the most difficult problem in the world. They penetrate your weakened hearts with sweet words . It is the last time when you smoke them, and you can’t escape from the monsters.
Recently I feel same things happen in Facebook, or even worse than drugs. Under his well calculated way, you don’t even know why you are addicted to the drug and keep using.
Now, you can enjoy Facebook with several ways: contacting your friends, uploading and tagging your pictures, updating your own blogs or websites and adding like button on them etc.. Open Graph and Timeline which were strengthened two month ago will make you more comfortable.
But one day you will feel a bit strange because you will find although you can get the “good” action of your friends  in Timeline which was shown by Open Graph, they are the things Facebook think you want to and controlled  by Facebook with unknown criteria. Furthermore,   without your knowing, he can get your personal information and preference for selling his customers from the third-party websites with adding Facebook “like” button whether click it on or not and even when you log out, he still knows where you went to. (logging out Facebook is not enough)
To your perception and objection to these excessive and harmful conduct, Facebook pretends to reflect on his acts and adjust his functions. But you should never think he will change his policy seriously with your complaints as you are not customers but just commodities for his customers  :  no tax means no obligation.
For running away from these situation, you can choose to  delete your account. I am sure that  it is technically easy   but physically and mentally difficult as your life tends to be occupied by him.
He is getting important for your life.
How can you stop contacting with your friends who you can’t reach without Facebook, looking at friends picture, sharing your blogs or websites meaning you lose great opportunity for your businesses. He has 800 million users and is every website’s hub station. Without his account it is difficult to live anymore.
We have already  addicted to Facebook without your consciousness.
The more frighting, he can change our habit and idea through Open Graph and Timeline (Facebook, are you going to be a dictator?) and we don’t know what is his purpose to control us without our recognition . These are more than drugs.  He might say  it is just for making the world better or improving our lives , But we still have to remember what happened in Soviet Union, Nazi Germany and China after they said to us same things.
Of course, it is really the useful and fantastic social network and I am not going to say we have to ban him. But you would better remind liberty is always harmed by the liberty we think when the only one way leaves for us.
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